Can Insects Communicate with Humans?

Posted On Feb 08, 2021 |

Everything communes in some way, or reacts to its environment - but can humans communicate with insects?

I'm often asked about bugs and whether we can communicate with them? You can certainly

intuitively perceive their energy which is one method of discovery, but not an actual communication. 

Most bugs communicate in very different ways. For example, beetles can use clicks, but they also have an electromagnetic energy field that will change just like we do. 

We all have an electro-magnetic aura that changes depending on our state of health, emotion and our physical environment. 

Regarding bugs; let's consider beetles for a moment. 

They have a job to do and i

f you notice a lot of them, and particularly when it comes to ants, they're not always reactive to us. 

Imagine - we have this lovely ant army that's doing its job. It's got its place on the planet and a very important job to do. It isn't scared of us. 

Have you ever noticed that is you go outside and there's a swarm of ants, they don't run away from you and in most cases the beetles have very little fear of us too? 

Beetles are a little bit more aware of their prey. So certain beetles may scuttle away, but a lot of them simply carry on doing what they were doing. 

Ant's talk to each other
animal communicator questions about insects

We have to really just respect that these insects have their own communication system, and that they don't have an interest in wanting to talk to us. 

I remember a lovely event, where we were having a Shamanic ceremony in the woodland at the Arthur Findlay College. Somebody was screaming, somebody was very squeamish and upset that there was a beetle on one of the logs that they were going to sit on. She was screaming and telling us all about her phobia of insects.

I remember my friend, Maureen coming in and talking about the purpose of the beetle and the meaning of the beetle and what the beetle is here to do, and how it's breaking down, or the decaying rotten wood. It's repurposing it into nutrient dense components, so that the forest floor and the flowers can thrive, grow and oxygenate the world. So, the beetle has a really important job to do and it wasn't interested in having a chat. 

Now, once that was explained to the lady, she actually was in love with this beetle by that time and was showing her gratitude by respecting its space and letting it continue its work.

I believe the wonderful thing with animal communication is how much respect there is amongst us or for all life. 

Some creatures not interested in sending you symbols and signals, and emotions. So, there isn't this awareness that we're so much a predator, and they've got to run from us. There's this whole communication system that they have of their own, where they're doing what they need to do, and they actually have no fear of you, because they are so focused. 

When it comes to all this, what really matters is, is that we work where we can work to make a difference. What's important with animal communication, is that we understand, and I think this is one of the lovely things about the natural animal communication courses, we look at a lot of things like the Cambridge declaration of consciousness, and they have studied the octopus, for example, for its communication and intelligence, its consciousness with humans and how that's explained. A lot of people are talking about this wonderful film documentary on Netflix, called my octopus teacher, and how beautiful is the relationship and understanding of the human, with the octopus.

If the insects are not going to communicate with you. They're busy, and they're doing a really important job in this world. 

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