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I'm a Teacher & still passionate about learning experiences after 35 years! - I offer:
  • Quality heart - centred, online self - paced inspired learning
  • Courses & books celebrating our sentient journey through life
  • Thorough research, experience and inclusive teaching methods
  • A track record of teaching across the world, in person, the Arthur Findlay College & online
  • Encouraging communities of like-minded seekers

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"Online education must be positive about 'trust to transformation' - build and sustain trust wisely - nurture the transformation. I create transformative learning this way"

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Why Choose Helen?

Recognising the spirit within all of us, it is important you have teachings that are not only well researched, but designed and delivered by a professional with a track record of successful experience. Helen DaVita has taught adults for over 35 years and worked extensively on the International stage and The Arthur Findlay College. She understands that everyone has unique needs with their learning styles and incorporates inclusive strategies for online learning experiences.

Helen is qualified to teach the teacher and has spent several years developing enriching programmes of online learning. She is an approved training provider for the IICT

International respected medium Helen DaVita

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We are all inspirational. Whether you seek a deeper understanding of your soul, communicate with the universal truths, or you talk to animals & nature, I offer self - study courses & downloads to assist your amazing journey.

"This is an outstanding work. I am thankful to have taken the course. Thank you , Helen, for putting this course together and for sharing this course with the world. I see the radiance of your soul! I bow to the Divine in you!"

"it is a great match for me! Helen is a wonderful, compassionate, heart teacher. Her passion and love of animals and all of the natural world shines through. The course also feels equally grounded in science. I am enjoying it immensely!"



"I am so thankful that I am able to learn this in order to grow in my relationship with animals, Wonderful I feel so humble that I have this opportunity to learn such a heart rendering and clear course! It is my dearest wish to use what I learn to give animals a clearer voice... "


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