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Helen DaVita is a source par excellence! A teacher, writer and international speaker recognised for inspiring the spiritual community worldwide. In many ways, she's helped her students to find inspiration through her own experiences, innovative teaching style and academic knowledge. Helen's workshops have been hosted in various venues across the world and she has been a teacher of the Arthur Findlay College & university lecturer. Helen retired from teaching, but her passion for writing is what breathes life into this creative soul today!

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with a passion for writing & sharing enriching experiences...

Inspired by the spirit of life & shared in teachings.

Helen demonstrating in Germany
The Sanctuary Arthur Findlay College
in the desert of Australia at Uluru
Trusting The Intelligence Of Spirit eBook
Exploring The Art Of The Spiritual Assessment
The Secrets Of Colours

she loves to write books & blogs

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Holding Space For Spirit

has recorded audio teachings too...

Trance Mediumship Part 1
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Online Self Study Courses

You didn’t come this far to stop learning
Spiritual Development
Animal Communication
& more

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