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Supercharge Your Spirit! A great little course to boost your progress and get you back on track!

How to progress your development, reconnect with your spiritual nature and overcome 'blocks'

'The Supercharge Your Spirit Toolkit' online learning course

Are you developing your spiritual work? Are you already working in the fields of spiritual development? If this describes you or you are simply interested in this field, I have developed this course with you in mind.

With over 30 years of experience teaching and training adults, nearly 20 years working professionally as a spiritual development teacher, I have come across many recurring themes, amongst students and workers.

The overwhelming issues appear to be, not understanding how to develop effectively, feelings of 'being blocked (when you just feel no progress is being made) and concern about how to interpret the signs of spiritual development.

By tried and tested methods, I discovered the most effective tools to assist when this 'feeling' appears. Over the years of mentoring and teaching, I have seen the success of these simple, yet effective techniques, yield great results. 

The course brings together the importance of 'awareness' the 'power' and 'intention' - each aspect explored by personally guided exercises. There are approximately 1.5 hours of content and you can take as much time as you need to complete and repeat each exercise.

I wish you a great journey with your progress on this neat little course

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