Free Meditation Music For Relaxation, Focus and Healing

Meditation music for all meditative traditions. Find free meditation music online that will enhance your mind, body and spirit.

The benefits of meditation music

Since a chance encounter as a young adult led me to learn meditation techniques, I've been making sound tracks and courses for over 30 years. The benefits are amazing and I'm sharing what I can!

meditation music free

Increases levels of natural 'feel - good' body chemicals and increases areas of the brain associated with happiness

free meditation music

Reduce stress, improve sleep, and help you feel happier

free meditation music

Enhances creativity & promotes well being & a healthy outlook

free meditation music

Improves focus & great for mental health

Meditation Music 1: Soul Retrieval

The healing sounds of nature and the music of the plants are perfect for healing sound baths. What better way to connect to the authentic soul nature of you, than through living beings. I often use frequencies recorded from living plants and incorporate them in to the meditations. The music is free to listen to and is also available on Awakening Meditation Music YouTube channel.

This is a 60 minute sound bath meditation, featuring the soothing sounds of a binaural (ear to ear stereo) recording of the ambient frequencies of silver cinquefoil plants. I added frequency filters to recordings of each plant to isolate frequencies that are similar to those created by the human brain during meditation. This recording seeks to calm your mind and increase your ability to get in touch with your intuition and soul's true calling.

Meditation Music 2: Ancestral Healing

The gentle sweeps of synth and choral take us on a relaxing path, where we can rest, knowing the old wounds are being naturally healed. The music is free to listen to and is also available on Awakening Meditation Music YouTube channel.

This is a 58 minute soundscape meditation for you to breathe and connect with ancestral healing. Ancestral healing goes far beyond traditional self-help methods. This is about connecting with your ancestors through sound energy, so your ancestors can help you release the obstacles and baggage that are weighing you down. As I connect my ancestors, they help me tune into my soul's journey and heal any unknown fragments within.

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