Your Spirit & Your Life Self - Assessment Plan

An engaging practical assessment toolkit, manual and complete plan for all who seek spiritual progress, balance in life and inner, intuitive guidance
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Course Summary

'An engaging practical assessment toolkit, manual and complete course - for all who seek spiritual progress, balance in life and discover your own intuitive guidance'

Your Spirit & Your Life Self - Assessment Plan, results from over 30 years of training adults in life and spiritual disciplines. It enables the individual to follow a logical journey of learning and empowerment, through a variety of life coaching and spiritual techniques and exercises. For spiritual progress we need balance in life too. The course empowers the learner to analyse, make choices, create action plans, evaluate and reflect on the progress made. The course is also a great resource for teachers for use with individuals or groups as empowerment exercises. A full manual and 19 exercise templates are available to download for indefinite use.

The course is entirely practical. It is an opportunity for you to explore a process that may help you discover focus and priority In life and spirituality.
What I particularly love about the course, is it is with you for life! You can repeat it when you need a spiritual 'nudge' or life seems rather complex.
The templates can be downloaded in powerpoint format and therefore can be branded for your own professional use, or adapted to your needs.
My experience has showed over time how necessary this is for those on the path of spiritual development. I am committed to providing quality training and offer this course with gratitude for all my past and future students.

Course Curriculum

Teacher: Helen DaVita

A teacher, mentor, writer and international speaker. She is recognised as a Spiritual Development Teacher to the spiritual community worldwide, inspired through her own experiences, she has developed a teaching style which encourages the development of the student to the next level. Helen is a former teacher and course organiser of the Arthur Findlay College. Her workshops have been hosted in many venues across the UK, Europe, Africa, Asia, USA, and Australia. Helen is qualified to teach the teacher and has spent several years developing enriching programmes of online learning. She is an approved training provider for the IICT

Introducing Helen DaVita

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