Your Spirit & Your Life Self - Assessment Plan

An engaging practical assessment toolkit, manual and complete plan for all who seek spiritual progress, balance in life and inner, intuitive guidance

Course Summary

'An engaging practical assessment toolkit, manual and complete course - for all who seek spiritual progress, balance in life and discover your own intuitive guidance'

Your Spirit & Your Life Self - Assessment Plan, results from over 30 years of training adults in life and spiritual disciplines. It enables the individual to follow a logical journey of learning and empowerment, through a variety of life coaching and spiritual techniques and exercises. For spiritual progress we need balance in life too. The course empowers the learner to analyse, make choices, create action plans, evaluate and reflect on the progress made. The course is also a great resource for teachers for use with individuals or groups as empowerment exercises. A full manual and 19 exercise templates are available to download for indefinite use.

The course is entirely practical. It is an opportunity for you to explore a process that may help you discover focus and priority In life and spirituality.
What I particularly love about the course, is it is with you for life! You can repeat it when you need a spiritual 'nudge' or life seems rather complex.
The templates can be downloaded in powerpoint format and therefore can be branded for your own professional use, or adapted to your needs.
My experience has showed over time how necessary this is for those on the path of spiritual development. I am committed to providing quality training and offer this course with gratitude for all my past and future students.

Course Curriculum

Helen DaVita

Dr Helen DaVita PhD is the Director of Eagle Lodge Training and is an approved training provider with the IICT. She has over 30 years of experience as an international spiritual teacher & inspirational speaker, world-renowned Intuitive, Zoosemiologist, Animal Behavioural Ecologist and sentient Animal Communicator. Helen is also a leading educator of working in altered states and trance mediumship.

She is highly accomplished  in lecturing, mentoring & adult training. She has a successful background in academic social psychology, community welfare, inspirational speaking, metaphysics, global indigenous spirituality, meditation, speech & drama voiceover work. She is fully qualified to 'teach the teacher' & excels at bringing out the best in you for creating powerful learning experiences & inspirational workshops. Her own work has taken her across the world to teach & is highly respected for clarity, vision, originality, depth & is delivered in a 'no-nonsense' but compassionate, intelligent style. Her work and originality of thought are emulated throughout her fields of interest and there is nothing more rewarding for her, than planting the seeds of exploration in her students.

Recently retired from her role as a Course Organiser & Tutor of the unique & prestigious Arthur Findlay College, Helen devotes her time & expertise to sharing her experience and to those who need online mentoring and assistance in these fields of work.

Helen is experienced in audio & video production & frequently records videos & CD's. With 12 successfully produced CD albums & many more individual tracks, she offers a wealth of experience in delivering a quality of production. Her ‘groundbreaking’ recordings of working in altered states & trance is still a best seller in the field.  Helen’s YouTube channel has the most successful recording of the unique ‘sitting In the power' meditation exercise with over half a million downloads & compliments the global sales of the same physical CD.

When she left school, she trained for 3 years at a London drama school and learned the true power of the ‘voice’ within us all. Subsequently, her recordings are richly narrated and her lecturing has the power to ‘grip an audience from start to finish! Communication is a deep passion and a passion shared with animals too.

She is passionate about animals & nature & the inspirational states of mind, embracing indigenous knowledge & extensive research to her work. Married to Jac, they live in the West of Ireland & share a passion for their homestead of rescue donkeys, chickens, dogs & goats. They are both also passionate about animal welfare, recycling, nature & growing their own organic food.

John Smith


Highly Recommended Course. Easy to Understand, Informative, Very Well Organized. The Course is Full of Practical and Valuable for Anyone who wants to Enhance their Skills. Really Enjoyed it. Thank you!!

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