The Secrets Of Colours (eBook download)

An Introduction To The Consciousness Of Colours

Discover your natural born love of colours, their influences and learn more about their power in our lives

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"Once I felt that I had no choice but to discover the secrets of colours, I never looked back. My world, my life and whole existence took me on a wondrous path of discovery. I had the power to easily change my mood, find a balance in my life that was missing and see with a renewed vision.  I had tools to create the right impressions or disguise how I felt - should I wish. I saw nature's beauty and intelligence at work. I marvelled at the science and the fact we are so clever that the invisible secrets of colours are a manifestation of body, mind and soul. As someone who has taught and studied healing techniques, my channels were empowered further and as an intuitive, the colours added to the spiritual dialogue, through  moods, personality, health etc. A new vision and appreciation was a game changer and it was only when the secrets of colours were revealed to me, that  my directions made so much more sense." Helen DaVita.

Features: The eBook provides an introduction to the consciousness of colours that will inspire you to reframe your understanding of colour.

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Discover the secrets of colours, their healing nature, the psychology behind them, the science behind them and how pioneers such as Goethe, Einstein and Newton, studied the colours, on a science level. Colour psychology is then touched upon to provide us with a deeper understanding of how colours can be harnessed to create a more positive life for ourselves. Included are the colours of the aura and the energy sytems as understood with the meanings of the Hindu chakra system. Also, there are three exercises to help you work with the conscioussness of colours and quick reference guides to each major colour system. If you need somehwere to start with this empowering and fascinating subject, this book will guide you. 

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    An introduction to the consciousness of colours

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