Was It Really Psychic Intuition?

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The Troubling Case Of Subliminal Interference

When ‘intuitive’ or psychic impressions are perceived as beyond the threshold of normal awareness, they may not be as authentic as we first thought. Our senses are constantly receiving information, even when asleep. However, marketing companies have capitalised on something known as subliminal advertising and as humans we also have imagination, delusion and an ego to challenge authentic intuition.

Subliminal activity generally works by subconsciously stimulating your senses. Sometimes is occurs naturally, such as walking into a coffee shop with freshly brewed coffee. It’s so hard to resist buying one! Freshly baked bread or cakes is another great example of the senses reacting and then convincing us to buy and eat. In fact, diet programs often recommend that grocery shopping should be avoided on a full stomach, so as not to buy too much — as the power of suggestion is tempting, particularly through the natural senses.

Chicken Burger
Advertising Chicken Burgers

Subliminal advertising was banned in the USA in1958. Companies such as Coca Cola, KFC and Marlboro cigarettes, attempted to bypass the law and used imagery to psychologically persuade customers to buy their brands. For example:

A KFC burger advertisement, featured a small layer of salad greens. In fact, if you looked carefully, you could see that within this green area was a minute image of a dollar bill.

With Coca cola, they advertised a bottle of coke surrounded by ice cubes. If you looked carefully behind one of the ice cubes, a pornographic image of a woman could be seen. It is difficult to spot but the eye would have ‘picked it up’ and the brain registered it.

Marlboro cigarettes thought they were being very clever within motorsport. The company had a long held advertising association with motorsport sponsorship. Advertising on formula 1 cars was banned in 2006, but to bypass this, they left a barcode logo. If you saw it pass your eyes at speed, it could appear to signify Marlboro cigarettes.

From the intuitive perspective, the distinction between subliminal information and genuine intuition appears thin. As intuitives we have to develop the ability to know that the information has the ‘right’ energy and is not gained from anything that has been deliberately manipulated. With real intuitive experiences, this shouldn’t happen.

Subliminal intent is generally used for advertising purposes, entertainment, or deception — such as with fake mind readers. However, an awareness of the power to influence the mind is important if we are to gain confidence with our own intuitive nature.

Some intuitives, confuse what first arises as a ‘mental chatter,’ to be intuitive knowledge. Basically, some will repeat what first comes to their mind. Yet the mind is rich with subconscious experiences, memories, perceptions, prejudices and is powerfully imaginative. There is no intent to deceive here — merely a lack of intuitive development, which can be corrected with knowledge and ongoing study.

Others, offer information that appears to be accepted as psychic, yet is simply general information most of us relate to. A fraud will use this method of generalisation to appear to have an inner knowledge. Most are not frauds, but an intuitive may be working this way by default, from falling in to lazy habits. It needs remediation through further development.

Possibly the worst example of when someone purports to be working intuitively, is when the intuitive behaves egotistically. The focus is clearly intended to showcase their intuitive ability as if it makes them important. Yet it lends itself to bullying. It is easy to spot in statements such as — “I know you can take this, you just need to remember.’ Or ‘ I know I’m right.’

There are times when this is absolutely true and the immediate memory of the person receiving the information is the culprit. However, the manner of delivery may leave no time for the recipient to consider, challenge, deny or accept. It’s important to give information you believe is correct, but know when to leave it to ‘sit’ with the recipient to discover in their own time. In extreme cases it becomes confrontational and a recipient accepts inaccurate information, because they feel intimidated.

The waters can become muddied very quickly when we work intuitively. Events, images, words, songs, feelings etc can all trigger thoughts and memories that reside subconsciously.

The key is knowing when the trigger is a personal association or a genuine attempt of the soul, mind and brain to draw your attention and offer an intuitive analogy. Such impressions develop rapidly without thought and are often surprising.

Questioning everything is key, but staying grounded, rational and balanced is vital for working with intuition. When we do this, we are less likely to mistake an intuitive impression, from a personal trigger or unrelated subconscious influence.

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