Understanding Trance Mediumship

Posted On Feb 09, 2021 |

A slideshow presentation for a basic foundation of trance mediumship.

The slideshow is an introduction to trance mediumship and covers the basic understanding of what type of mediumship trance is, how we distinguish it from other expressions of mediumship and how important it is to understand its diverse nature. It is easy to forget when you have been working with trance for so many years, what it was like at the beginning of the journey. Many students get confused with trance and assume it is part of physical mediumship when it is not. Some call is channeling too. There are some language and cultural differences to describe the same thing. In some countries channeling is the same as trance mediumship. In other's, channeling is more akin to speaking with the influence of higher realms of consciousness. The intention of this slideshow is to show where modern trance mediumship 'fits' within spirit communication and in which area. It is not intended to teach your trance - merely a foundation of theory.

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