The Most Important Aspect Of Natural Animal Communication

Posted On Feb 10, 2021 |

To become as accurate and confident as possible for telepathic communication, animal communicators must learn their own energy - know it, charge it...

We base our natural animal communication upon the energy of emotion and thought. In one sense, it’s as simple to understand as someone asking you if you are enjoying the food they cooked for you and you aren’t. They can usually tell. Out of politeness, you say what you think are the right things; you try to make an intelligent comment, such as how you can detect a certain herb and even ask how they made it. Yet your host knows. You just don’t like it. Could it be that your body language is a clue? Is it your lack of enthusiasm in eating? Maybe it is the excuse that you aren’t very hungry or you are still recovering from a recent gastric disaster? It could be any number of clues for your host, but the most significant one is the change in your energy. You have shifted from the enthusiastic, sociable creature you arrived as - with warmth, greeting, perhaps hugs and kisses, to the quiet, focussed introvert, verging on being antisocial leaning over an unpalatable plate.

If we are clever, entertaining and an enthusiastic guest, we can change the tempo and talk so much, that we distract from the fact we aren’t eating much of the food and get a takeaway on the way home! However, most hosts know when their food was disliked.

Whilst natural animal communication is about understanding the emotional energy, there is so much more to understand. We can get to the genuine communication by relearning about our energy, yet the mental processes create the challenges. It takes time and practice but it is natural and possible to unravel from basing all communication on a verbal or written mutually agreed code.

Every moment our energy is changing. Usually this isn’t dramatic unless we have a sudden shock to the system. We generally sense when someone is feeling stressed, relaxed, unapproachable, angry, happy, etc. and this is possible without them speaking a human language. It is the same with animals. Once we know how they express their emotions without language - we know - we understand. Yet that is still more relatable to animal behaviour than communication.

Sentient animal communication is the study and practice of the communication of ‘thought energy’ through the mind. It is telepathy and manifests in our minds in several ways.

As it is so diverse and unpredictable, the absence of human - centric verbal language makes it a substantial challenge. The subjective nature of a language based on thoughts, poses challenges to those who attempt to learn it. Due to the subjective nature of animal communication, many who attempt it or are learning, are concerned they have imagined it all.

To become as accurate and confident as possible for telepathic communication, animal communicators must learn their own energy - know it, charge it with a positive intention and accept that without a physical language, others may accurately sense what they are feeling and want them to know. In order to successfully communicate with animals, humans need to practice being around them in the ultimate state of energy for communication. This is as easy as being within nature, a park or a garden and just becoming present. Learning to meditate is helpful in preventing random intrusive thoughts that have nothing to do with communication. Your presence in nature in welcomed and known by everything around you. Let the animal kingdom and nature know the true you first, when you learn natural animal communication. This is how our ancestors taught.

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