Colour - It's Not Just A Pigment Of Your Imagination

Posted On Mar 15, 2021 |

A brief glimpse into the vast world of colour and how important it is to us.

Throw Some Light On It

A planet without colour is a secret world. It is a world where all appears hidden and it can only reveal its secrets, when light shines upon it. The planet becomes a living world with sunlight — alive with vibrant coloured wavelengths, sustaining and supporting evolution.

The Waves Of Light

We need those colours; we are those colours and more than ever, our lives depend on it! Whatever exists in the darkness cannot create, sustain or support the ecosystem of our planet. The colours reveal the secrets; the colours create our story.

Throw Some More Light On It

Light creates visible colour. It is the visible colours that affect our emotions, health, spirituality, communities, identities, how we react and our environments. Yet as humans we are limited by what our senses discover, our brains can process and how our minds react.

The human spectrum of colour awareness is truly amazing. There will be more colours than we know, but those unavailable to our senses remain secrets of the universe. The colours that are revealed to us possess a wondrous power.

On a day-to-day level, we may consider what colours please us and also what repels us. We make choices about what we wear, how to decorate our homes and ourselves — but there is so much more to colour and the reasons why we make these choices. We make many colour choices every day at a subconscious level, without realising the vital impact it has on our lives.

The power of colour is affecting us constantly — even when we sleep, the lack of light from the colour spectrum reaching our brains, helps us to release hormones that make us feel sleepy so we can rest. When the sun rises, our eyes detect light and waves of colours, the brain becomes active again and we are soon awakened to a rainbow world.

The dark side of the moon

This duality explains why long-term shift workers report increased physical and mental health issues disproportionately, compared to non shift workers. To be awake and productive with a lack of colour, is unnatural. We can compensate for this with artificial light, yet there is a recognised condition known as ‘Shift Work Disorder.’

When we incorporate the genuine power of colour in our lives, we have within our grasp, the means to:

  • improve health on a physical, mental and emotional level
  • increase, decrease, or balance productivity
  • relax and enhance our inter — connections with body mind and spirit
  • Create a calm, energising and welcoming home

Most of us have a favourite colour and a colour we either dislike or would never choose to wear or decorate our home with.

When we investigate colours, we may find our old associations changing as we consider them for the amazing energy they truly are. We begin to open up a world of understanding that can change our perceptions, change our moods, change our attitudes, heal and connect us to life.

Our language is often descriptive of colour such as the expressions:

  • Green with envy
  • Seeing red
  • Black mood
  • In the pink
  • Yellow belly
  • Feeling blue
  • Heart of gold
  • Feeling blue

Yet how often do we think of the origin of such common expressions, why they exist and what links them? Why would someone be described as a coward be also called yellow and what does feeling blue really mean? In anger why do we refer to a red mist — yet love is expressed with a red rose?

A single red rose

All these expressions begin to make more sense when we explore the true nature and purpose of the science, the emotion, the psychology, the health and our spiritual well — being, — which are all presented to us through the powers of the colours.

You may believe that colour is personal and what one colour means to one person is different to another. This is true by association or on a psychological or emotional level. Yet every colour has a measurable scientific wavelength that defies personal preferences. There is so much for us to discover about colour in an evolving universe.

We are the artists of our lives, creating masterpieces from light.

How does your favourite colour make you feel? Think about it for a moment and what memories does it evoke? Even thinking about colours affects us!

The glass prism

Remember — You are the artist of your life and create masterpieces from the colours of light.

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