10 Survival Tips For Authentic Mediumship

Posted On Apr 09, 2021 |

Authentic mediumship is not about developing the channel that communes with the deceased. Foremost, it is communication between the power of life and

Authentic mediumship is not about developing the channel that communes with the deceased. Foremost, it is communication between the power of life and your spirit.

As we develop mediumship, we share our discoveries. In the sharing we uncover further discoveries which may also help others, as they seek their own path. This is the key to mediumship – communicating authentic discoveries. We develop from the relationship between the spirt and the power of life itself. 

No human teacher or organisation can or should attempt to monopolise this experience. It is for you and you alone to decide what you need to share.

Public mediumship, is to communicate with the power of life and individual spirits . This is what most mediums strive to develop to a competence for sharing beyond the self.

The nature of authentic and public mediumship, is inseparable. Spirit, power, life, communication.

Many have taken the path of public mediumship and it has the potential to serve a ‘greater good’ if respected. As with all things invisible, it can be difficult to believe. 

So, mediums often feel it is a battle of opinions and can lose the will to progress communication. Furthermore, detaching from the authentic purpose of mediumship does greater harm. This leads to stagnation, disillusionment and a tendency to resort to generalisations. When this occurs, the medium reaches burnout! The potential for sharing becomes a lost opportunity. 

There are several things we can do to nurture both our authentic and public mediumship.

1. Be humble

Life is precious and grief is not something a medium has the power to solve. Always remember the honour it is, to meet someone so loved and missed. Ego has no position in mediumship nor is it a performance

2. Develop A balanced Self Care Routine (care of social media)

Make time for nature, hobbies and relationships. Regulate social media time - it's become more of a marketing tool than social engagement now

3. Meditate 

Meditation will help you find peace, clarity and know the power of your own mind. Experiment with different techniques

4. Only seek self approval

Whilst, feedback is precious, total honesty with knowing yourself will motivate and empower. The old addage of of 'what someone else thinks about you is none of your business' is wise.

5. Learn the power

The life giving power is your God - never ignore your spirit parents! Sitting in the power will help

6. Never be a hostage to one teacher

Avoid the teacher who discourages you from learning from others. They forgot you are intelligent enough to discern your own truths

7. Respect your progress and that of others

None of us are the same or will stay the same. Support others and your own path. Recognising there are infinite pathways is why we are all unique

8. Remove the pedestals

Nobody is perfect and everyone had their doubts and shortcomings.

9. Question everything – believe nothing

Until it becomes your truth

10. Take breaks

We are all born to survive as humans as well as we can - if you believe in eternity, make the most of every moment of your life now. Taking breaks brings new perspectives and reconnects us to the world. It all adds to the experience of the power, the spirit and life.

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