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Helen DaVita | Oct 19, 2021

Inspired in Autumn. How some things are not always as they seem and lead to a greater understanding and empathy. Ode to autumn is one such ...

Helen DaVita | Oct 16, 2021

Transcendental meditation is a powerful meditative practice that can improve, focus, inspiration, physical and mental wellbeing. Could you ...

Helen DaVita | Sep 20, 2021

Nurturing the creative writing space — the physical, mental and emotional challenges of keeping it sacred

Helen DaVita | Jun 26, 2021

Easy tips to implement when teaching online and working from home

Helen DaVita | May 24, 2021

On the surface, it seems insignificant. We throw small coins around and spend them without even thinking about it. But what if I told you ...

Helen DaVita | May 05, 2021

Spirit is all around us and within us. It is in all things and is the living intelligence, wisdom, creativity, and perfect divine order of ...

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