About Helen DaVita

Where transparency - honesty & authenticity is at the heart of teaching

Helen DaVita 

Helen DaVita is the Principal of Eagle Lodge Training and is also an approved training provider with the IICT. She encompasses over 30 years of wisdom as a universal teacher, inspirational speaker & world-renowned intuitive, chromatherapist, zoosemiologist, animal behavioural ecologist and sentient communicator. Helen is also an educationist for being in creative altered states and trance mediumship.

She is the Author of 3 books - Trusting The Intelligence Of Spirit, Exploring The Art Of The Spiritual Assessment' and The Secrets Of Colours

She is gifted in teaching, mentoring & adult education. She has an outstanding record in academic social psychology, community welfare, inspirational speaking, metaphysics, global indigenous spirituality, meditation, plus speech & drama voiceover work. She is fully qualified to ‘teach the teacher’ & excels at bringing out the best in you for creating powerful learning experiences & inspirational workshops. Helen is a tutor and course organiser of The Arthur Findlay College.

Her own work has taken her across the world to teach, and she's known for being both original and compassionate.

There is nothing more rewarding for Helen than planting the seeds of exploration in her students.

Helen believes we are part of a single universe and that spiritual development must be in harmony with everything else.

Authenticity is found in a type of ‘permaculture’ of the spirit. Each aspect has a purpose, and it must not be divisive or create a separation. It must encompass nature, animals and energy. It is the way our ancient ancestors knew to survive and has no religion.

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